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What is an Alpha Channel?

The alpha channel is transparent or semi transparent pixels in the video file.
This is also known as ''Pre Keyed''

To take advantage of this your device/software needs to support Alpha channels.
Most professional software for playing and mixing video will support alpha channel.


This gives you much smoother blending when more than one layer of content is played/mixed over the top of another. You don’t need to set a transparent colour (Chroma keying).


File sizes can be large. Sometimes playback is jumpy on some machines, if you experiencing this this problem with files downloaded from Visual Mash and not in a position to upgrade your system then we recommend downloading the video file without Alpha Channel or converting the file to a different format.

Some situations you may not like the semi transparent pixels, If this is the case you can still use chroma keying and manually set the required blending.

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