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How To Make It Snow

Ever thought of using video projectors, beamers, screens or even LED video Wall to make it look like its snowing at Christmas events?

Using Visual Graphics or video is a clean, quiet and easily controllable way of making it look like its snowing. Sometimes used along side, normaly as a background to snowmachines or other falling materials.
Even though this method is used on large productions is also very easily accessible to armature productions, school plays, productions and Xmas pantomimes Christmas activity plays that with no or very small budgets. Most people can get there hands on a Video projector or beamer and a computer so all you need is the visual content and software for playback. 

You can download the Snow Visuals from Visual Mash by clicking this link Snow Visuals

For those of you that don't have media servers you can download something like QuickTime this can be set to loop in full screen mode. Also setting the desktop background to black can also be helpful.

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